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Photos of interior of vocal booth:

Short documentary on the building of the studio soundproof/sound reduction vocal booth:


TRUEBLUE Productions has worked with a wide range of clients and formats an international radio show, business telephone mp3 messaging, songwriters, musicians, businesses and bagpipers. James Edwin Jones himself has worked as a sessions player with a world class flutist, a band and various artists, to a practice track for a Christian music Dove Award nominee. The project studio is set up to meet the needs of a large cross section of individuals, organizations and businesses.

Ambient db test was 30 db, which is equal to a quiet office.  With music playing inside at 80 db another test was done of ambient sound with the door closed. 45 db was noted. That means there's only a 15 db passage of noise from inside/out and outside/in the vocal booth.  That's equal to a whisper in a library from 6 feet away.  Not bad!

Green Screen background for video production


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